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WHAT IS HelpFinder?

HelpFinder is a user-friendly online platform equipping organizations and individuals to connect neighbors to the help they need.


  • Information about nonprofit and government services is gathered from nonprofit tax returns and websites and government databases then confirmed by a team of data specialists.

  • Churches add their programs that are available to the community. 

  • Service providers claim and update their program listings.

  • Helpers use the platform to help their neighbors and clients find the services they need.

  • Individuals in need become empowered to search for free or low-cost programs and services.

  • Collaborative groups use the information to see and fill service gaps, avoid duplication of efforts, and find other like-minded organizations.




  • Creates an easy way for individuals, agencies, and churches to find the programs available in your community all in one place.

  • Includes church-based programs not searchable until now.

  • Cultivates program quality to ensure that help finders can feel comfortable making referrals.

  • Uses the same back-end data as local hospitals, community colleges, and other networks.

  • Does much more. 


  • Spread the word through social mediatelling friends, and sporting the merch!

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Check out this video to learn more about HelpFinder!

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