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How can you get more informed about the state of your people and community?

Timely, Actionable Insights, and Real-Time Assessments

The needs and desires of our DFW neighbors are changing more rapidly now than ever. Unite and our partners have several tools to help you stay informed as to the landscape shifts. Hover over an image below for details.


State of the Church

State of DFW

A donor-funded subscription to Barna Access Plus gives local leaders invaluable insight into relevant topics as we navigate these uncharted times:

  • Hybrid services

  • Connecting with members online

  • Reaching neighbors digitally

  • Needs of our youth and young adults

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State of My Community

Collaborative, church-based work to foster flourishing is happening across DFW. Find out here if there's a network in your community, and what they know about the flourishing of the people around you.

State of My Issue

What's the biggest challenge facing your people or community? What is your church passionate about or already working to address? Whether "your" issue is hunger, racial equity, or something else, there's likely a group of experts and practitioners working to monitor and tackle it locally.

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Church's Care Campaign Results

Click here to see the public-facing directory of churches currently being promoted by donor-funded "Churches Care" ads.

Click here to see the results of our stunning local, digital ad campaigns that are changing the public perception of the church.

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Real-Time Assessments

Customizable assessments allow leaders to find out how their own people are doing in real-time as things continue to evolve. Even if you check on your people by phone or in person, collecting the answers using the digital platform gives you secure access to reporting and combines that data with other churches in your community and network so we can all work together to get resources where they need to go.  

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