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How can you get fully equipped to care for your people and community?

The Unite team is constantly curating cutting edge resources to help our churches thrive and our communities flourish. We give you access to:

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Expert-recommended programs at no cost to churches

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Premium tools paid for by generous donors 

Select resources available to churches at reduced cost

Start here

Every church, nonprofit, and school needs one. 

It's something everyone should know how to do.

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Give Help at

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Well-implemented shared platforms are making it easy for all of us to get help, give help, and find a church that cares via our public-facing www.unite-dfw.org site.

Anyone can use these user-friendly platforms, but we've also developed a set of online training videos to make church staff and volunteers to more comfortable helping both your own people and your neighbors navigate the system.

We call this role a Navigator.

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Essential, expert-recommended technology platforms and training brought to you by donors and partners at no cost or a reduced cost

Want to do more?

Groups of local experts and practitioners have been working to address every challenge to the holistic flourishing of your people and communities and have identified partners and programs that cam help you make a difference. If your church wants to do more to address any of the following issues, this is a next step on your way to being fully equipped to care for your people and community.

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Expert-recommended easy-to-implement programs 

Physical Health

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Emotional Wellbeing

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Upcoming Events

Click here to find other upcoming local and national events -- virtual or even safe and in person -- that will help you become more informed, connected & equipped.

Emergency Food

Eviction Prevention


Financial Stability


Education Support


Racial Unity

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Care for Immigrants

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Spiritual Questions

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for the next monthly Forum with Barna. Join one of the 30-minute breakouts to learn more about these local networks and programs.