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How can you get better connected with peers and others working to foster flourishing in DFW?

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Collective Advertising

Because we're connected on a common platform, we have the ability to do collective advertising.


Local and national donors excited to help us change the public perception of the church has funded stunning local, digital ad campaigns that have been running all year. Click here to see the results.

Leaders implementing similar programs

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Browse the public-facing directory of churches to see what other churches in your area or elsewhere are up to in terms of their target audiences, services, programs, and ministries.

The directory makes it easy to connect by email, phone, or social media but let us know if you'd like an introduction.

Leaders engaging the same issues

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What's the biggest challenge facing your people or community? What is your church passionate about or already working to address?

Whether "your" issue is hunger, racial equity, or something else, check this list of issue-based groups of experts and practitioners excited to welcome you in.

Leaders in your community

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Collaborative, church-based work to foster flourishing is happening in communities across DFW. One role of these efforts is to understand the needs and assets of each unique area.

Find out here if there's a network in your community, and how you can get connected.

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