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Tax-deductible donations to Unite are multiplied across many churches & nonprofits. In addition to our ongoing work, here are some fun examples of how your funds might be used:


Cost of Poverty Experience (see more)


$25 provides a COPE seat for a teacher, police officer, or church or nonprofit leader.


for Teacher


$2,500 covers the whole cost of a COPE for a group who can't afford it.

COPE for a

School, Church

or Nonprofit

$250 covers the cost of guests to play the roles of the community resources so, for example teachers can have the roles of the family members.




$2,500 covers the whole cost of a COPE for a group who can't afford it.



Strategic Plan

COPE is the single most powerful tool we've seen for softening hearts and motivating people to be part of the solution to poverty, illiteracy, human trafficking, mental illness, and the other kinds of brokenness our neighbors are suffering with.

We can bring COPE to churches, schools, etc., or groups can come to our permanent space near Mockingbird Station. We've been pleased to see how many groups prefer our facility because it makes COPE even more immersive. 

Visit the COPE page to learn more or request an appointment to come for a visit. It's worth it!


Church Partnerships

See the ENGAGE page for Church Engagement Levels. Go to the DONATE page for payment options.


Collaborative Projects & Supporting Technology

Experts have developed best practices for churches to help them make the biggest impact possible on the most daunting issues facing our communities. Sometimes that means partnerships with a nonprofit; other times that means implementation of a church-based program. 

Unite consults with churches and others to help them implement best practices and the use of shared technology that facilitates citywide collaboration for impact:

  • Your Unique Design Assessment

  • HelpFinder, Voly, Vomo, CarePortal

  • Discipleship of Young Christians

         Regarding Poverty Alleviation

  • Connecting People Who Need Jobs to Those Who Are Hiring

  • School Partnerships with Impact

  • Healthy Church Benevolence

$250 helps build the Unite team's capacity to engage churches in collaborative efforts.




$2,500 helps Unite support dozens of "Region Champions" supporting collaboration across the Metroplex.




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