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Unite has been studying the collective impact of churches on the community for over 10 years now. In an effort to better serve you, we’ve named 4 observable levels of engagement with the community and with Unite:

church engagement levels graphic.png
impact graphic - short and wide.png

Of ~6,000 churches across DFW, we’ve met more than 1,000 that are very externally-focused or Missional.

1,000+ of those churches have Engaged with Unite or one of the more specialized local networks -- either relationally and/or by implementing a program recommended to foster flourishing.

A handful are more financially Invested because they recognize the benefit to their own ministry as well as our contribution to the collective impact of the Church. They typically contribute around $2,500 per year and in return enjoy benefits such as free tickets to Unite events, discounts on other resources such as COPE, platforms, books, etc., and VIP invitations to exclusive events.

A few High Impact churches are dedicated to seeing measurable, strategic change in the community and lean heavily on Unite’s resources, connections, and expertise. These intimate, highly consultative relationships make our work with other churches possible by providing anywhere from $500 per month to $5,000, $10,000, or even $25,000 per year.

Email to learn more about opportunities for churches to get engaged.

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