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Unite Greater Dallas is solely motivated and informed by scripture, and we want the same to be true for the churches and Christians of our city. We believe that engagement in God's Word in general and around specific topics will transform Christians, families, churches, communities, and ultimately our city. 


Bible engagement is simply interaction with the Word that enables a person to be transformed by its message into the likeness of Christ - - both in thoughts and actions.


  • According to a significant study by the Center for Bible Engagement, the lives of people regularly engaging scripture immensely differ from the lives of those who don't (including Christians).​

  • According to an ongoing Barna Research project, Bible engagement had been in steady decline until 2016 when we saw a slight uptick. America is feeling the impact of only 20% of Americans regularly engaging scripture.

  • American Bible Society desires to see 100 million Americans regularly engaging scripture by 2025, and has developed a city strategy" to accomplish just that.

How is this accomplished? By serving your church with innovative scripture engagement resources.

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Unite Greater Dallas and American Bible Society began our partnership by asking "What do Bible engagement and city transformation have in common?" The following resources are the first and most direct answer:



Daily devotional for personal reflection

and Group Bible Study


Check out these bible resources to begin bridging the racial divide in our city:

This resource will help you take the discussion on caring for refugees to the Word:The Bible and Refugees

This beautiful, comforting resource is designed to communicate to both refugees and immigrants how much God loves them:

  Heading to a New Home

  Rumbo a un Nuevo Hogar (Spanish version)

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