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Right now in Dallas County, only 14% of high school graduates have gotten the kind of education we want for them. Reading at grade level all the way along is crucial. And in fact, not meeting 3rd grade reading standards is strongly correlated to future poverty, incarceration, and other adverse personal and social outcomes.

Are you a pastor or group leader?


Are you an individual?

Reading Matters is a collaborative, citywide campaign to:

  1. Increase awareness of this local literacy crisis among Christians

  2. Explore the question "Does reading matter to God?" and

  3. Increase the number of Christian volunteers serving with organizations proven to improve literacy.


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School-level literacy challenges are most often associate with family income levels. Poverty is complicated and puts enormous strain on parents, children, teachers, and schools. Therefore, the approach must be holistic. 

Our research suggests that intervention is most effective when it includes these elements in "doses" proportionate to the need:

  • Relationships with the children in the form of tutoring & mentoring

  • Staff support and

  • Parent engagement.

Engaging Christians with the Word and mobilizing them towards these types of relationships is going to make a huge difference.


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