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Church Centered



For over 10 years, Unite has been doing its part to help DFW become more like the place God designed it to be: a place where people can flourish holistically.

Unite's mission is to connect and equip churches and their partners to care for their people and communities. We believe this is part of the redeeming and restoring work God is planning in advance for us to do, so we've been building partnerships and amassing the right tools to make that happen.

Whether you're new to Unite or have been around for years, click the button above for immediate access to:

GET INFORMED. Local and national partners are providing unprecedented access to the data and insights we all need to face a complex and unknown future together.

GET CONNECTED. While the practical unity that has come from a shared vision, goals, and platforms, relationships and community are key to keeping us all inspired.

GET EQUIPPED. It's one thing to have information, and it's even better if you have a community of peers to walk alongside. But what do we actually need to change and do in order to make a legitimate difference in the lives of our people and communities?


3400 E Renner Rd, Richardson TX 75081


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