focusing attention on families who were struggling before the storm

  • Hundreds of Dallas/Richardson families who were already struggling financially before the storm lost their homes, all their belongings, and/or their vehicles.
  • Other low-income families' homes were badly damaged leaving them living in unsafe/unsanitary/uncomfortable conditions.
  • Other families lost wages when their employer or daycare was closed either temporarily or still to this day.

  • Almost 3,000 mostly low-income Dallas ISD children lost their schools.

  • Over 30 total school facilities were impacted to some degree.

  • Several churches were badly damaged. At least 2 congregations are still totally displaced.

According to Houston Responds, heavily-impacted families can expect a 6 to 12-month recovery process. There's a lot we can do to make this as painless as possible for everyone involved. Use the platforms below to stay informed.


Go to VOMO to add or find:

  • volunteer opportunities.

  • donation opportunities.

  • donation collection sites.

Email to add your listing to the Tornado Recovery hub.

Are you ministering to displaced families? HelpFinder will help them find the help they need.

  • If you run a nonprofit or church-based program for those in need, make sure your information is updated on HelpFinder.

  • If you see program information that is incorrect, suggest a change using the link at the bottom, or email

  • If you know of a program that's not listed, use the suggest program link at the bottom, or email


Go to HelpFinder to look for available government-run, nonprofit, and church-based relief services such as:

  • temporary housing

  • transportation

  • food and household supplies

  • emergency income support

  • counseling

  • childcare

  • and more

The "claimed listings" have the most accurate information.

Contact with questions or updates.​