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Unite did a PR campaign before Christmas to make sure the story of the low-income families was told. Watch and listen here:




Use VOMO to promote or find VOLUNTEER opportunities. Add a listing to the Dallas Morning News Tornado Recovery hub by emailing

DONATE to the Recovery Fund with Communities Foundation of Texas. These funds will go to trusted nonprofits to meet needs beyond their normal scope (e.g. uninsured home or auto repair or replacement, replacement of all household items or of furniture).

Go to our Thrivent page to see how to multiply your financial donation 12 times with an Action Team.

According to Houston Responds, heavily-impacted families can expect a 6 to 12-month recovery process during which time we will likely see a rise in depression, school drop-outs, and other negative outcomes.

There's a lot we can do to make this as painless as possible for everyone involved. Use the platforms above to stay informed.

Contact, 972-424-0681, with questions.

  • Around 1,000 families [many low-income] displaced from their homes & lost everything.

  • 100's of other families still living in unsafe or unfurnished homes.

  • Most don't know how to get help or are trying to survive on their own.

How Many Were Impacted?

How Will Funds Be Used?

Professional case managers will direct supplemental funds raised to help cover:

  • High deductibles.

  • Under-insured repairs and replacements.

  • Job placement assistance for those who lost their jobs.

What is Unite doing?

  • Calling attention to the needs of our low-income neighbors.

  • Connecting those who want to help to those who need it -- raising funds & mobilizing trained volunteers.

  • Implementing technology solutions.

  • Connecting churches, nonprofits & others on the ground.

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Need Help?

Visit for help with housing, transportation, and more.

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