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Trust-Based Relational Intervention Training

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4-part series in half-day format

$50 per person;

discounts available

The TBRI® Introduction & Overview will focus on understanding the meaning of child behaviors, the brain chemistry of a child from a hard place, and how to help them heal and connect.

This training encompasses what everyone needs to know when working with children who have experienced poverty or trauma. TBRI® is a nationally recognized strategy designed to elevate and assist direct care professionals, parents, and caregivers:

Parents: Parenting is particularly challenging with a child who experienced distress in the womb or during delivery, was hospitalized early in life, or who experienced any kind of abuse, neglect, or trauma including the extreme stress of poverty or family disruption. In reality, this training will be helpful for any parent.

Childcare Workers: When caring for children in a community setting (e.g. a church, nonprofit, daycare, etc.), you're likely to encounter children who have experienced poverty, divorce, or some form of abuse, neglect, or trauma.

Teachers: Because millions of American school-aged children have experienced abuse, neglect or trauma, there's a need for resources to help educators create healing learning environments to meet the unique needs of vulnerable children. This is a must for your continuing education.

Healthcare Professionals: You're the #1 reporter to CPS of family abuse and neglect. That makes sense giving your intimate look into families' lives. Are you confident you really know what you're seeing? Do you know how to appropriately care for these children and families?​ This training will give you significantly more confidence in this area. We'll also be able to provide alternatives to calling CPS when appropriate.

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