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Contribute to Our Racial Unity Devotional

Unite Greater Dallas has partnered with American Bible Society to create a Racial Unity Devotional that will contain the prayers, thoughts, and reflections of local pastors from the Greater Dallas Area. 

If you are a local pastor, Unite invites you to submit a devotion to be included in this project.This is an opportunity for Greater Dallas to share our individual and collective journey down the road of racial reconciliation with the nation. While much work yet remains, we have many stories of heart change, transformation, unity, and collaboration that should be shared with others.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, January 20th.

Please submit the form below and email a picture of yourself to by Friday, January 20th


Please use the below format when creating your devotion.


I. Pray
II. Read
III. Reflect
IV. Respond

The finished devotional will be published digitally and in print in February 2017.

See our list of scriptures to consider while writing your devotion.

*Please feel free to share this information with all Greater Dallas pastors within your circle of influence. 
Click HERE for additional information.

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