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We have one of the highest and fastest growing poverty rates in the country.

Unite has worked with experts to identify the top nonprofits that use strategic interventions which are proven to break the cycle of poverty. Please join us in building their capacity by volunteering and giving.




Beacon Hill

Bridge Builders

Just Say Yes

Kids U

Mercy Street

Momentous Institute

Project Transformation

Readers 2 Leaders

Reading Partners

United to Learn

Dallas County Promise



Alive at Last

Austin Street Center



Community Council

Family Gateway

Homeless Veterans Services 

Housing Crisis Center

Prison Entrepreneurship Program

Prison Fellowship

What is Unite's Role?

Unite connects and equips Christian leaders to impact the biggest social issues facing our community. We work with subject-matter experts to find out what has been proven to impact those issues; identify best-practice nonprofits; then build capacity with volunteers, giving, etc.

We also maintain systems and structure needed to maximize the Church's collective impact and look for strategic opportunities. Thus, the projects we have highlighted here.

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