Recommended Frontline Retention Projects

Unite desires to create a way to easily and efficiently connect a community with their local school. These projects... **add more/change

Directly Support School Staff Personally


Resources for Dealing with School Shootings

A group of organizations helping churches partner with schools across the country has put together a list of resources to help you care for the school and their people. Share this link with your school partner.


Principal Appreciation

Unite and our Regional Education Partners want to help the community show their support for every principal in DFW. Fill out this form to let us know you're already doing so or you're interested, and we'll go from there.

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Wellbeing Survey for Nearby School Staff

Use this simple tool to find out how your people, a nearby principal, and/or their staff are doing in all areas of life.

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Professional Development Experience to Do with a Nearby School

Use this powerful 3-hour experience

Help Schools Do Their Job

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Platform to Find Classroom Needs

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Basic Emotional Support for Students

Train your people...this will minimize classroom behavior issues

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Virtual Tutoring

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Training for Teachers to Offer Basic Emotional Support to Students

Train your people...this will minimize classroom behavior issues

Support Students and Families

Engage Your People