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of the world’s largest 250 companies publish annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports.

of employees who are proud of their company’s social responsibility are engaged at their jobs.

of consumers are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies.

Participants can include :

  • employees

  • leadership

  • board members and investors

  • partner organizations

  • customers

  • and others you desire

Unite can customize corporate packages to include:

  • one-time opportunities

  • ongoing engagement programs

  • new-hire orientation


We will help you reach your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals while making a legitimate impact on your company and community. Custom-designed packages can include any combination of the following:

COPE for Business -- Unite's signature corporate program

The Cost of Poverty Experience is a unique role-play simulating a month in the life of a low-income community. Participants make decisions, face unexpected challenges, and deal with the systems required to make life work in poverty.


Throughout the simulation, participants interact with one another in family groups and with local experts playing the roles of entities in a low-income community such as the police, pawn shop, school, and low-wage employer.

  • 4-hour Experience: $5,000 per group plus $50 per participant (up to 100 participants per group).

  • Base price includes lunch and facilitated table discussion. 


COPE can:

  • Strengthen relationships between participants.

  • Increase awareness of the impact of personal decisions and business practices on those in poverty.

  • Give participants a better understanding of how to help alleviate poverty personally and professionally.

  • Inspire ideas about how to hire, retain, and support quality applicants for lower-wage jobs.

  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention.

  • Instill employee, investor, and customer loyalty.

Leadership Envisioning & Customized Plan

$5,000 for research, proposal development, and 2-hour consultation:

  • Review of your company's past and current CSR programs

  • Information about needs of specific geographic area(s) of your choice

  • Ways you can help with employee engagement, funding, or corporate policy tweaks.

By Design Assessment, Report & suggested CSR options

Passions | Experiences | Personality | Skills | Strengths

$500 per department/group plus $10 per participant

Workplace Learning Events

1- and 2- hour options

$5,000 or $7,500

All of our services are available to organizations operating in DFW. We serve offices in other cities for an additional $5,000 fee per service for research, local partner fees, facilities, and team travel costs.

Other Options Offered by Unite

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