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  • ​For government leaders at all levels across the world: for clarity, wisdom, and unity.

  • For pastors as they quickly pivot to a new way of doing "church" that gives them vital and unique roles in this response: to calm fears, provide accurate information, to create virtual connection, and to protect the vulnerable. 

  • For nonprofit leaders who face an uncertain future: ask the Lord for supernatural peace, strength, bravery, clarity of thought, and increased support from the Church and community.

  • For business leaders as many shift the way they do things, make hard decisions about job cuts, and as some are forced to scale quickly.

  • For educators as they play a vital role in containment while making sure students don't fall behind.

  • For protection and stamina for the healthcare community as they care for the sick and work on medical intervention.

  • The media as they choose how to keep us informed.

  • For all community members: that we would follow expert guidelines, maintain connections, be wise with social media, help as much as we can, and for peace as we're doing all of the above.

  • For the world around us: that they would see our peace, hope, and unselfish love and want what we have in Christ.




UNITE. Make sure all the churches and nonprofits in your network know about these resources. 

Subscribe to our enews to stay in the loop. Most content will be for church and nonprofit leaders and influencers, but anyone is welcome.

People don't think clearly in crisis, so it's our responsibility to be prepared ahead of time to be a source of helpful information, resources, and connection as this situation unfolds.

LEARN. Unite and our local, national, and global partners are working on resources for you to:


Meeting ID: 729 925 052

Dial-In #: +1 346-248-7799

Click here for a list of all previous calls.


DO. Having something productive to do right now will be tremendous for our mental health:


We're building a fund to help the Church minimize isolation, meet needs, and protect our vulnerable neighbors. 

Coming this week.

We'll post needs on for food pantries, schools, phone banks, and work-from-home opportunities. 

Use HelpFinder to find the help you need e.g. emergency food and other resources.

Click here to join the next Zoom call, every Wednesday at 9 AM CST.

Click here to add the Wednesday Weekly call to your calendar.

Join the weekly prayer call on Wednesday's 11-11:30 AM CST.

The focus of the call is to pray for four specific areas: Church (Matt 5:14), Physical healing (Psalm 103:3), Financial healing (Philippians 4:19), and Faith over fear (Isaiah 41:10).

​There are dozens of resources out there. Email your favorites to We'll continue to build out this list without overwhelming you.

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