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What is an Action Team?

Unite's primary corporate partner Thrivent Financial is a membership-based Christian nonprofit financial services firm. Action Teams are one of the ways Thrivent Financial invests their revenue back into the community through their members.

Anyone - existing product holders or friends of Thrivent (called Associate Members*) - can apply. Once approved, you'll receive a $250 gift card as seed money for a project for you and a small group of friends.

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What to expect

Whether an existing Thrivent Member or a new "friend" of Thrivent (an *Associate Member), Unite will walk you through the process of using an Action Team for tornado recovery purposes. New *Associate Members can apply for an Action Team by investing $19.99. Thrivent multiplies that investment into $250 in seed money for your project.

Associate Members should be approved within 2 days. Once you apply for your Action Team, it should be approved within 5-7 days. Your kit with your seed money will arrive within 5 days of approval.

Apply for an Action Team today for one of these pre-approved tornado recovery related projects:

Family Needs. I want to use my Action Team to meet a tangible need of one of the low-income families who sustained significant damage from the tornado (e.g. a home-improvement project, household item replacement, or a house-warming party). I will gather my team to select a need when my kit arrives.

Fundraiser. I want to use my Action Team for a fundraiser at my [office, church, school, neighborhood, online network]. When my kit arrives, I will select a way to help a low-income family impacted by the tornado (e.g. by furnishing a home, helping with car repairs, paying for professional home repairs, etc.) and will do the fundraiser.

Volunteer Training. I will use my Action Team funds and volunteer team to help provide training for disaster recovery volunteers (e.g. a poverty simulation focused on the impact of disaster, cross-cultural ministry, and more). My funds will be used to print materials, buy supplies, or buy snacks.

Holiday Event. I will use my Action Team to help with a holiday event for impacted families at a church, nonprofit, or school (with Unite's guidance).

School or Nonprofit Support. Schools and nonprofits serving impacted families are exhausted. With Unite's help, I will use my Action Team to bless the staff of a selected organization with a meal, small Christmas gifts, notes, or some other token of appreciation.

Church Engagement. I want to use my Action Team to make sure every local church knows they're invited to be part of this effort. With Unite's guidance, I'll use my team to buy supplies, print materials, or host an event.

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