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On 2.27.2020, Unite worked with long-standing partners Movement|DFW and on a powerful full-day event called Move 2020. We gathered 200 diverse Christian leaders from churches, nonprofits, business, and the other domains to develop a shared 10-year vision for DFW and a few concrete next steps we can all take to get there. Here are some of those next steps we hope to see now:



Before you "do" anything else, it's important to learn.

  • Learn what the Bible has to say about the most critical social issues facing our city.

  • Chalmers

  • The Cost of Poverty Experience is a role play simulation offering a glimpse into the lives of low-income individuals and families. We're partnering with Movement-DFW...​​

  • Prior years' Church Impact Reports.


  • Pray for the specific needs of our city with churches, organizations, and individuals who are covering Greater Dallas in prayer 365 days a year.

  • Event


There are several ways you (as an individual, family, church, business, or other group) can ​help transform the city:


  • is a beautiful online platform releasing the Church to meet the needs of the community. Vomo and Unite Greater Dallas have partnered to create campaigns highlighting programs proven to impact the critical issues facing our city.​


  • Thrivent event


  • Work


  • is an online platform equipping organizations and individuals to connect neighbors to the help they need.


  • Regional Coalitions

  • Issue-Based Coalitions

  • Interchange

  • Events

  • Church Impact Report

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