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We've missed you and know you've missed each other. As you may recall, Unite created Interchange several years ago in response to church staff asking for a safe space for conversation with like-minded peers. Normally, we would have time for two topics, but we want to leave room on the agenda for you to catch up. We also want to leave time to give a big thanks to Judge Jenkins who helped lead our whole region through COVID. 

We're excited to put these topics "on the table" for discussion:

  1. Discipleship of young Christians to move toward racial diversity and poverty

  2. Discipleship of professionals that increases generosity, volunteerism, and workplace impact
  3. Fostering healthy conversations about race in your congregation

  4. Engaging members in the benevolence process

  5. An update on the US' role in addressing the global refugee crisis

  6. Protecting vulnerable children from neglect

  7. Trauma-informed care training for your children's ministry workers and school/nonprofit partners

If you're interested in more than one, bring others from your church. As long as you attend, we will provide notes from the other discussions, but because the true value is in the face-to-face discussion, we're not providing a Zoom option or notes to anyone who doesn't participate.

Interchange Registration
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