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Fundraising gala's are fun but what if you could

               give your donors a life-changing EXPERIENCE?

The Cost of Poverty Experience is a unique role-play simulating a month in the life of a low-income community in a 2-hour time frame. Participants make decisions, face unexpected challenges, and deal with the systems required to make life work in poverty. Participants interact with one another in family groups and with your staff and leaders who would play the roles of entities in a low-income community such as the police, pawn shop, school, and low-wage employer.

For a nonprofit that deals with anything related to poverty, this will help their board members, donors, advocates, and community partners see their work in a whole new light.

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2-hour turn-key Fundraising Experience: $4,000

Why nonprofits are so excited about a COPE Fundraising Experience:

  • Donors can grow weary of "chicken dinners" and golf tournaments

  • Audiences are seeking “experiences”

  • For many nonprofits, this will fit into your broader fundraising strategy as a "micro" event 

  • There's no financial risk! We guarantee that if you don't raise the money to cover the cost, we'll refund that portion​

COPE will:

  • Strengthen relationships between the participants and your team—and with each other

  • Maximize the impact of your donor communication strategy

  • Increase empathy and expand understanding of the complexities of poverty

  • Provide insight on how your organization addresses specific issues

Email to discuss your interest in a COPE Fundraising Experience today!