2:00-4:00, ONLINE





City Convene is the one time each year when we bring together leaders from all sectors: churches, nonprofits, schools, government, healthcare, and business.


Sadly, we won't be able to be together in person, but it's still important for us to touch base. This won't be your everyday Zoom. This will be fast-paced, dynamic, interactive, and informative.

We will:

  • Look at our current "flourishing scorecard" -- how the people of DFW are doing in terms of emotional and financial health, education and more. This year we'll see some highlights in additional categories of physical, relational, and spiritual health.

  • Touch on impacts of the COVID crisis on each area of flourishing.

  • Spend most of our time talking about what's being done and looking at a new way to measure collective Church impact.

  • Look at two important areas of focus moving forward: engagement of the next generation and of Hispanic churches.

  • And finally, leave with concrete next steps for our own contexts.

Markus Lloyd, Emcee

Scott Beck, Founder of Gloo