When people in need come to you, do you feel equipped to help them get on their feet?

For many, a neighborhood church is their first thought in times of crisis, but most church staff don’t have
social work or psychology backgrounds, and all churches have a limited “benevolence” budget.

- When dealing with a tangled web of circumstances and issues, how do we decide which problem to help our friends tackle first?
- Is everyone ready to do the work it takes on their part?
- How can we be the best stewards of the resources God has given us?

Special Invitation to Pilot Game-Changing Church Benevolence Tools

In direct response to the needs of "Church Benevolence" Leaders, these tools have been developed by professional psychologist (name).


While developing these tools, (name) has gathered information and insight from the Chalmers Center (authors of When Helping Hurts), social service agencies, and churches.

Apply today to participate in a 6-month pilot of a set of new tools designed to help churches:

1. Assess the readiness of members or neighbors in poverty who come to your church for help
2. Determine the best interventions based on their needs and
3. Help them become more ready to take the next step to come out of poverty.


The cohort is expected to run July to December 2018. The cost is $1,200 per church and includes the

• Advance use of an assessment tool to determine a person’s "readiness to change."

• A set of services appropriate for each stage of readiness which you can either replicate at your
church or refer people to as appropriate.

• Church-level access to allowing you to share program ratings and reviews, and do much more with other churches.

• Accompanying training on all of the above.

• A monthly lunch for cohort participants to discuss experiences and best practices.

• Helping Without Hurting for Church Benevolence by the Chalmers Center (required reading).

• Discounts on Unite events, Vomo, and other resources that will help your church make the biggest impact on the community possible.

Click here to apply and request additional information, or receive notifications about upcoming training
seminars, and the public launch of these resources.