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You were created with a set of passions, giftings, and personality traits. Those -- together with your personal and professional experiences and learned skills -- make you uniquely qualified for and fulfilled by specific activities. The same is true of your family, church, company, or any other group.

This 10- to 15-minute assessment guides you through a process of cataloging your personality, passions, experiences, skills, and strengths and finding opportunities to give of your time, talent, and treasure in order to make the biggest possible impact on your community.

$10 per person for individuals & families. We'll provide:

1. A summary of your answers for you to use for a great conversation starter and for future applications (jobs, college, etc.).

2. Recommendations of volunteer roles or even specific organizations based on your passions, personality, skills, etc.

$500 per church, business, or other group (plus $100 per sub-group or department).

1. A profile for every individual in your group.

2. A summary of trends at the organization and sub-group levels.

3. Recommendations of specific organizations based on those trends.

For an additional fee, we can provide an interactive workshop to help get people into the right spots.

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